‘Children in the EYFS make excellent progress and many reach expected levels in their early learning goals by the end of Reception’

From 2022 ISI Inspection Report


We accept children in our nursery in the term that they turn three. Find out more about Little Crickets, our 50 week nursery by following this link:

Communication, Language and Literacy

This area lays the foundation for all other curriculum activities in Early Years. The strong emphasis we place on reading and storytelling supports a plethora of other learning opportunities, including language and vocabulary development, conversation skills and imaginative play. Reading skills are developed by linking sounds and letters and the children are encouraged to write for different purposes.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We encourage active, independent learners who take an interest in their surroundings, both past and present. The children learn to make sense of the physical world and their community through a variety of practical experiences and topics and their natural curiosity is nurtured through directed exploration and play involving sand, water and modelling.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Daily routines, sharing good manners and looking at how we deal with our feelings all help to imbue the children with a positive sense of themselves and a respect for others, which are crucial for school readiness. In addition, we look at the importance of making healthy choices, including healthy eating and oral healthcare.  

Mathematical Development

A sound mathematical knowledge base is created through activities such as subitizing and number bonds, enabling the child to develop a strong grounding in numbers up to 10 and beyond. Other topics covered include shapes, spatial reasoning and measure.

Creative Development

Children are encouraged to choose and use a wide variety of materials and mediums during creative activities, which are available to them all of the time. Imaginative play is nurtured in our role play room, while music is covered within topics, with the children taught to sing familiar songs and nursery rhymes, name and use instruments, look at rhythm and use songs to link stories from around the world.

Physical Development

Movement skills, co-ordination and spatial awareness are developed through games and play in the sports hall and many creative outdoor areas on site. Activities such as gymnastics and ball skills enable the children to learn what the body can do.  Fine motor skills are advanced through activities such as mark making, cutting, and construction.

‘Pupils demonstrate great respect for the system of rules in school and can distinguish right from wrong from an early age, exemplified by their excellent behaviour.’

From 2022 ISI Inspection Report

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