Argyle House School was established in 1884 by its founder, Mr Hanna, M A Principal. He looked after the concerns of the school until he handed it over to his son James. James ran the school until he passed away in 1935.

After his death, his three daughters took over and relocated the school to number 12 Thornhill Park. They ran the school until the last sister passed away in 1967. Their niece, Mrs Davis, then took over the running of the school until it was put up for sale in 1968 and subsequently sold to Mr J N Johnson in 1969. Mr Johnson moved the school to its current location at 19 and 20 Thornhill Park.

The school saw many changes under the leadership of Mr Johnson and his wife. On his retirement, his son, Mr C Johnson, took over the school. Further developments have since taken place, with extra facilities added and subjects introduced.

Meet Mr. Chris Johnson, the Headteacher.

In 2002, Jeff Johnson handed over the reins of Argyle House to his two sons, Chris and Neil. Jeff was a pupil at the school and in the later years he taught Maths there. He loved the school so much that he bought it in 1968 from the first family that owned it since 1884. After taking over, Chris has since steered the school into an educational establishment of repute in Sunderland and in the North East. With a degree in Environmental Science and Education from St. John’s, York, he is instrumental in developing the environment in the school for children to enjoy learning and instilling in them, the core values upon which the school was built, being strong family values. As a parent, with his two sons attending the same school, he understands children and their aspirations.

“This is a school where children come willingly to learn. Studying and learning are two different things. The willingness to learn comes from the kind of environment that a school has. When they are happy, they are more receptive to learn. Argyle House provides such an environment. Class numbers are small and there is merit in this structure. This enables our teachers to focus on a child’s strength, his or her interest and guide them accordingly. When a child is known individually to a teacher, this makes a tremendous difference in their development. Our teachers know each and every one of them. We never look upon a child as a student of the school. They are always looked upon as sons and daughters. When they come to school, they’re coming home. A place where they are loved and respected. We’re of the opinion that education must be enjoyed and it must give the child the chance to develop not just academically, but also physically, socially and emotionally too. Extra-curricular activities are crucial here. In fact, our clubs and activities are far ranging and we often have twenty running at any one time. We’ve attained the highest possible rating by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) in our most recent inspection. Our facilities are updated regularly and we’ve increased our wider partnership links. We’ve also devised new curriculums with our pupils in mind, which feature extra GCSE subjects.

Every generation carries on good values that have been passed on by the previous generation. Without that, society is heading for troubled waters. Our children today must be taught the importance of those values, of honesty, of respect, of kindness, of being responsible citizens, of humanity and above all, the value of hard work and the importance of being a good human being. What we lay down as a foundation today will enable our children to build their future with confidence. Our teachers take on different roles apart from teaching such as being mentor guides, a friend who listens and comforts, a father or mother who is stern but loving as well. When a school has such an environment, happiness takes over.”

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